Scope of Services

We believe you should know exactly what to expect from your association management company. Listed below is a detailed layout of both the tasks we manage and the resources we provide. Through this list, we aim to ultimately promote the growth, strength and integrity of the societies that we represent.


Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement

  • Enact ongoing recruitment strategies through various avenues developed with membership committee
  • Actively refresh and update member benefits to encourage retention and engagement, as well as drive new recruitment strategies
  • Provide a full-time, responsive and accessible staff and membership department ready to support members and prospects
  • Develop concise and timely communication methods to encourage active member engagement, including targeted email communications, member forums, and chat boards
  • Spotlight new members through media and at meetings in order to encourage growth and investment within the membership
  • Drive reinstatement campaigns to reengage lapsed members


Membership Database

  • Provide custom membership database (included in full-service association management package)
  • Maintain each member’s record in an integrated, secure database: complete contact information, detailed history of finances, and meeting participation
  • Update member records in the protected Members’ Section of the website
  • Collect dues and meeting registrations through the website in a secure, protected area


Board Development

  • Provide insight, guidance, and proven methodologies for development of a strong, well-equipped board able to meet individual and organizational goals
  • Offer council and advice to Board of Directors for specific strategic plan implementation regarding best practices, society goals, benchmarks and analytics
  • Assist with development of Bylaws and Policies / Procedures to strengthen society framework and performance
  • Work in consonance with President to prepare and develop comprehensive Board agendas
  • Drive preparation of board books; engage Board for provision of supporting documentation
  • Record and archive board meeting minutes
  • Prepare action items and engage Board on follow-up


Financial Services

  • Provide depth of knowledge and proven practice expertise in not-for-profit financial management
  • Initiate and develop budget in consonance with Treasurer
  • Provide comprehensive financial and accounting services, including monthly financial statements, balance sheets, income statements and prior year comparative analysis
  • Coordinate year-end audit and/or preparation of federal Form 990 with outside CPA firm
  • Secure insurance as necessary for board members and meetings as directed
  • Monitor and manage online payment portals; process and record donations
  • Provide investment account oversight of cash flows


Committee Support

  • Maintain society committee and subcommittee online presence
  • Assist development of general committee and task force correspondence and meeting arrangements
  • Secure and disseminate committee reports
  • Develop schedule and calendar for committee meetings and conference calls; provide timely reminders
  • Provide conference call platform at reduced price


Marketing and Communications

Membership Communication

  • Leverage social media accounts and develop any necessary content
  • Create and market membership app
  • Market membership list for approved non-dues revenue
  • Communicate and partner with parent and/or other organizations as needed for clients
  • Create and send targeted marketing emails to membership and prospective members


Publication Development and Distribution

  • Develop new graphics for meetings and society initiatives through in-house graphics department
  • Assist newsletter editor with soliciting articles from committees and membership
  • Collect and proofread newsletter articles, lay out newsletters and other publications
  • Assist Editor with determining protected vs. unprotected newsletter content
  • Publish and host newsletters on website and notify membership via broadcast email


Meeting Planning

Hotel Negotiations and Contracts

  • Issue RFPs to hotels and convention centers for meeting space and hotel requirements
  • Collate and present hotel and convention center options to board
  • Negotiate the best possible meeting contracts to include the best room rates, attrition clauses, food and beverage minimums, room rental, cancellation clauses and all other pertinent terms
  • Conduct site inspections for future meetings, which can frequently be combined with other trips for cost sharing


Menu and Meeting Planning

  • Work closely with the hotels to provide creative, budget-sensitive menus
  • Oversee and manage all on-site meeting specifications including room set-up, meals, and guest rooms within the group block
  • Oversee and monitor quantities for all room set-ups and meals
  • Work with faculty on special set-up needs


Vendor Contracting and CME for Meetings

  • Monitor and negotiate with all outside vendors including, but not limited to, audio visual companies, decorators, transportation companies, photographers, florists, etc.
  • Monitor and ensure that the contracted equipment and services are provided on-site as agreed
  • Apply for and coordinate CME approval for each meeting


Development and Distribution of Promotional Materials

  • Create custom graphics for meetings through in-house graphics department
  • Proof and edit the scientific program for online and/or print media
  • Create, manage and market the online Mobile Meeting Guide
  • Market the program to the membership, past meeting registrants and other distribution lists through print and electronic means
  • Prepare the printed Program at a Glance


Faculty Communication

  • Generate faculty letters outlining each speaker’s date/time of lecture, title of lecture, learning objective as provided by the program committee
  • Provide instructions and deadlines for faculty manuscripts, meeting and hotel registration instructions, appropriate continuing education language and individual remuneration as determined by program committee
  • Provide all faculty members with the appropriate forms, e.g. Willingness to Participate, Audio Visual Requirements and Disclosure Statement
  • Distribute multiple reminders for submission of all faculty documents in a timely manner with support from the program committee


Meeting Materials Preparation

  • In-house graphics department designs all online and printed meeting materials
  • Development of meeting slides for general sessions to encourage engagement, recruitment, etc.
  • Compile meeting materials collected from faculty and moderators and develop into complimentary, cohesive format
  • Prepare and distribute materials for meeting registrants, either in print or online


Exhibit, Sponsorship, and Advertising Sales

  • Leverage relationships with industry representatives from pharmaceutical and medical product companies
  • Solicit existing and new companies which may be interested in supporting and participating in educational offerings
  • Coordinate the shipping, set-up, booth assignments and registration of the representatives from industry at meetings
  • Implement proactive strategies to enhance exhibitor and sponsor relationships
  • Work with development committee to secure unrestricted educational grants
  • Provide online booth space selection, sponsor/exhibitor recognition, and exhibit service information
  • Ensure exhibitors and supporters are appropriately recognized in the appropriate meeting marketing materials


Meeting Management

Advance Registration Processing

  • Process registrations daily through secure online registration portal
  • Send confirmation letters or emails in a timely manner
  • Provide incremental registration reporting to board/committee(s) as determined
  • Maintain and cross-check meeting registration and hotel reservation lists to ensure that both lists are managed effectively


Registration Packets

  • Prepare meeting registration packets for all registrants and exhibitors
  • Code non-member packets for easy membership recruitment efforts on site
  • Provide tickets, evaluation forms, signage and certain other materials as prepared by in-house graphic design department


On-site Registration and Meeting Management

  • Conduct pre-conference meeting with the hotel to help ensure a smooth conference
  • Provide necessary on-site meeting registration and management staff
  • Check all meeting setups including audio visual equipment in advance of program start times
  • Carefully review all banquet checks to ensure charges match either the guarantee or the number of covers served
  • Assist registrants with Mobile Meeting Guide navigation and conference questions
  • Develop active membership drives and recruitment initiatives to enact on-site targeting non-member registrants
  • Engage members through new member welcome receptions and social events
  • Provide active guidance and presence in membership committee meetings on site


Post-meeting Management

  • Carefully review and pay all meeting invoices after substantiated
  • Provide customized post-meeting reports upon request
  • Tabulate meeting evaluations, including the registrant comments
  • Provide online evaluation system with real-time results for program planning committee
  • Maintain and connect registrants with CME records


Custom Technology

Membership Tools

  • Provide professional and secure website hosting, maintenance and management service
  • Maintain and customize database-website integration and development
  • Provide password-protected Members’ Section with alpha and geographical member search
  • Update membership data instantaneously on website integrated with membership database and financial records
  • Generate and maintain secure forms for applications, online dues payments, renewals, donations and meeting registrations
  • Provide private accounts with varying levels of access for board, leadership, members, and committees to securely manage their business
  • Online member voting with candidate shuffling and real time results
  • renewals, and donations
  • Customize website with social media, blog, forum integration, and member job postings
  • Develop and maintain membership mobile apps
  • Maintain secure members-only listserv


Meeting Tools

  • Develop and maintain customized Mobile Meeting Guide
  • Provide secure online meeting registration
  • Host and maintain meeting presenters’ digital posters and discussion board
  • Customize and maintain faculty submission portal
  • Provide online abstract submission site; including submissions, grading/review and sessioning modules
  • Provide online evaluation forms for each meeting as needed through custom in-house evaluation system
  • Host CME/CE activity recording platform in Members’ Only section where members may store and print their own CME/CE Certificates
  • Host meeting audience response system to provide instant results

To learn more about the full-service association management and meeting planning that Ruggles provides, please get in touch!