Abstract Submission System

The power of simple. Over the years we've crafted a painless process for collecting all of the abstract information you need. We will gladly work with you to personalize your Call for Abstracts process to help each submitter enter their data quickly and easily.

A Closer Look at the Process

Call for AbstractsCall for Abstracts

Get started with our Abstract System as we design a process that’s just the right fit for your society. We can open your association’s abstract submission system to any variety of medical, business, or administrative professionals. We work with you to set a submission deadline that allows for a smooth process between submissions, review, and acceptance.


Topics and categories for submission are determined by your association and will quickly organize the type and number of abstracts your meeting can anticipate, making program design simple and efficient. Topics can range from clinical to research, quality improvement to business science, and case reports, clinical or administrative – all determined by the interests of your association membership and goals for the conference.

Collect DataCollect Data

After announcing the opening of your Abstract Submission site, collecting abstracts is a breeze.


Collect details of the authors and their affiliated organizations. Select whether submitters are asked to make a payment for their abstract if your conference requires it. Indicate which authors are presenting and collect presenter biographies and photos for inclusion in your interactive program.


Authors can include images and tables within their abstracts. Allow submitters to categorize their abstracts according to your society’s presets for easy placement into tracks.

Assign ReviewersAssign Graders

Through our review portal, reviewers can access submissions online at any time, anywhere. Once the Abstract Submission site is closed, reviewers are notified of their assigned abstracts to grade.


Reviewers simply log in, select the abstract they wish to grade, and make a grading selection based on your society’s preset criteria for review.


Grades for each abstract are automatically collected and ranked, making the acceptance process quick and easy. After all grades are submitted, your program committee is provided comprehensive information on categories, grades, and authors, with various options on what criteria should be behind a blind.

Assign SessionsAssign Sessions

Once abstracts are graded, those accepted move forward into our sessioning module and organized according to category and session for presentation according to the event program. Details of each poster session, including digital poster monitor assignments and links to the abstracts and posters themselves, are provided on the Mobile Meeting Guide for easy access to delegates as they build their schedule.


After program information is entered, letters of acceptance are drafted detailing the details for each presentation.

Send Acceptance LettersSend Acceptance Letters

After committee review and the programming committee finalizes the event schedule, sending acceptance letters to those selected to present at the conference is quick and easy.


Through the information set up in our sessioning module, letters of acceptance are drafted detailing the presenting author’s information, including their abstract title and expected conference session date and time – and a reminder to register early!

Submit PostersSubmit Posters

Our custom built digital poster platform is the best in the business. Accepted poster presenters may easily upload their digital posters with our step by step instructions. Delegates can identify their posters of interest by poster type, keyword, author, title or number. Each poster has its own Discussion Board wherein presenters and delegates exchange ideas on the research.


Event attendees can access digital posters and poster session information from anywhere by logging in to the Mobile Meeting Guide.

For a detailed look into our variety of meeting tools, contact us. We’d love to help!